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Current projects

Le déménagement, French feature film in writing, director/writer, supported by CNC.

"A young couple moves into an empty apartment and embarks on a citywide quest for secondhand furniture. Along the way, they find themselves in various situations that resonate with their own unique story."

The sixth chime, Chinese feature film in writing, director/writer, selection HAF Film Lab, CASA CINE.

"At a boarding school, an important exam is approaching. Liu Anqi, a 17-year-old exemplary student, is determined to maintain her top spot. Leveraging the privilege that comes with good grades, she navigates relationships with teachers, classmates, and others, intentionally or unintentionally causing individuals who impede her goals to disappear..."

Belleblue, French series in writing, co-writer, supported by CNC. 

"Alexia Belleblue, a 23-year-old influencer with a million followers, broadcasts a live video from a yacht's deck amidst the sea, writhing in agony. The following day, Enzo, a devoted fan among the yacht's passengers, embarks on a perplexing investigation: who filmed the influencer's death and where her body disappeared to..."

Far from the sea, Chinese short film in development, director/writer, supported by the Bretagne region France.

"A Chinese family, the mother, the daughter, the cousin, and the grandmother, spends their summer vacation on the northern coast of France. They gaze at the sea every day from the same spot, never setting foot in it, all the while awaiting the arrival of the 'father of the family'..."

Les gens d’avant, documentary 22' in post-production, director/cinematographer.

"In a remote village in the south of France, the first festival of anonymous old family photos is being held, where people sell and buy pictures of unknown individuals from the past."

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